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Portrait Painting

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Formerly just for the realm of Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies. But today, you could enjoy the same privilege and have your own portrait painting.

Our Portrait Artists can also do a realistic oil painting portrait of you and your loved ones. Your photos will be transformed into 100% handmade paintings, including any damaged photos. All we need is a high resolution copy to turn your photo into a painting.

A realistic portrait painting is a difficult accomplishment. Only the best and most talented portrait painters will ever be able to make it realistic. 

Let us assist in preserving your memories on paintings, whether it is your wedding day or a painting of your own portrait or even your loved one.

Portrait paintings is a perfect gift idea for all special occasions such as birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, farewell, house warming and many more. There is a variety of mediums used for your choice.

Our Portrait Artists are specialised in many different type of Portrait Painting Services

Children Portrait
Wedding Portrait
Family Portrait
Pet Portrait
Charcoal Portrait
Oil Painting
Pencil Portrait (simple or detail)
Watercolour Portrait
Colour Pencil Portrait
Pen Portrait


To order a portrait painting, please prepare a photograph of the subject. Please specify what size and type of painting that you desired. We will send a quotation to you base on your requirement and welcome to contact us for more details.



The original source of the image, in particular people image, I have used for my portrait work is often derived from the public domain where a given image is believed to be precleared with regard to copyright or be out of copyright, either because of expiration of the original copyright or because the material has been explicitly released into the public domain by its creator(s). I always try my best to understand the complex terms of and comply with the licenses listed in the public domain. However, I cannot be sure that my understanding is always correct. Hence, I always provide appropriate credit to the source and/or creator of the images I have used for my work. If you find any possible infringement of copyright in my artworks, please notify me immediately and I would take down the appropriate work. While I always try my best to ensure that the information in this listing is accurate, I assume no liability for mistakes and misprints.