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Chinese Calligraphy Name

Have you wonder how will your name look like in Chinese Character?

Do you know how beautiful your name would look like when its transformed under Chinese Calligraphy art?

Have your name translated and written in Chinese Symbols Calligraphy Painting, which allows you to have your name painting prepared for framing. Now you can have your name to be transformed into a horizontal or vertical multi-colour Chinese Calligraphy here.

All are hand-written or handmade Chinese Calligraphy symbol art. Writing Chinese Calligraphy name is one of our most popular services. It is the perfect gift for friends and family.

Chinese Calligraphy

A special feature of calligraphy is that all strokes are permanent and incorrigible. Each stroke demands careful planning and a confident execution with a steady hand.

Chinese Calligraphy Character

Important note for "Chinese calligraphy name painting" as it is a customized service, all painting are 100% handmade and thus there will be slight variations in the design and layout of each calligraphy scroll painting.

Chinese Artwork

Each character will has different design and paintings. Our Calligraphy artist will have his own choice and freedom to chose the best suitable characters when come to translation of English name to Chinese characters, unless specifically characters are requested upfront by customers.



To order a caricature, please prepare a photograph of the subject. Please specify what size or what style do you prefer. We will send a quotation to you base on your requirement and welcome to contact us for more details.


How to Order a Chinese Calligraphy Name Artwork?

Please email us for the following information and our customer service will revert to you with a quotation, payment details and other information.


Enter Name, words, or greetings and indicate whether you want it to be translated to Chinese character. Alternatively you can provide us with the Chinese Character straight away


Standard painting is consists up to 4 Chinese characters only. Additional characters can be added with additional charges and upon request


Please indicate your Shipping Address


When do you need it?


Design - horizontal or vertical


Optional - The calligraphy painting can be mounted onto a Chinese wall scroll (size varies depending on the number of characters in your name). Please indicate your request.




The original source of the image, in particular people image, I have used for my portrait work is often derived from the public domain where a given image is believed to be precleared with regard to copyright or be out of copyright, either because of expiration of the original copyright or because the material has been explicitly released into the public domain by its creator(s). I always try my best to understand the complex terms of and comply with the licenses listed in the public domain. However, I cannot be sure that my understanding is always correct. Hence, I always provide appropriate credit to the source and/or creator of the images I have used for my work. If you find any possible infringement of copyright in my artworks, please notify me immediately and I would take down the appropriate work. While I always try my best to ensure that the information in this listing is accurate, I assume no liability for mistakes and misprints.